Saturday, April 11, 2009

My busy week!

Tuesday/Wednesday: So it's almost the end of the week finally and I am exhausted. It's been a pretty crazy week for my family but a good busy, not the annoying busy. Tuesday night we had our last family dinner with Sister Lola Purcell who entered the MTC Wednesday and will be serving in the Oakland Temple mission. Sister Purcell is my first cousin and is from Provo. We are sooo proud of her and know she will be an awesome missionary. We love you Sister Purcell!

Friday: Our family along with some of our good friends, took our annual trip down to Provo to watch Tiafau Purcell, Lola's brother (we missed you Lola, I'm sure you heard our cheers from the MTC) dance in BYU's end of the year Ballroom concert. Can I just say it was nothing short of AMAZING! Tia is on BYU's International Ballroom tour team who has been top notch in competition. They are the Undefeated National Formation Champs since 1982. They have been criticized on their costumes, because although it's ballroom dance, every piece of clothing is modest and follows church standards--I think it's awesome, but still beautiful. Tia also dances individuals and has taken 2nd place in nationals. This year was special because it is Tia's last year on the team. He is only a Junior but will be gone his Senior year doing an internship in Brazil. The theme was Viva Espana, or Live Spain and our Tia was the poster boy for this years concert. Tia was the star of the show and closed it up with a solo doing the Paso Doble. We are all soooo proud of Tia and all he's accomplished. I wish and expect nothing but the best for Tia. He is an amazing person both on and off the dance floor.

Saturday: This morning my younger brother Vini was endowed in the Jordan River Temple, in preparation to serve in the San Bernadino California mission. It was a beautiful session and words can't describe the feelings I felt being in the celestial room with my parents, both sisters along with their husbands, and now my younger brother. Just one more little brother to go and we can all be there as a family. The temple just deepens your love for your family and this morning was such a special treat for us all. I'm glad Vini got in there asap--after Bednar's talk this past conference I know he will need that extra protection you are given when attending the temple. We love you Vini!

Right after Vini's endowment session Journey was baptized.

It's been a busy week, but a fun one!

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