Tuesday, December 16, 2008


1.What is his name? Uela Robert Young Yen

2. Who eats more? Uela usually does, but sometimes it's a tie!

3.Who said "I love you" first? Uela of course!

4.Who is taller? I think that's obvious!

5. Who is smarter? I am, I married him!

6.Who is more sensitive? I am with or without my time of the month!

7.Who does the laundry? Uela. He is soooooo picky with his laundry and doesn't trust me with it. I'm really not allowed to touch the laundry! :) He has a pile of colors, a pile of blacks, a pile of whites, and a pile of good whites, which usually entails nothing but his clothes, so WHATEVER! Less chores for me to do. He also uses waaaay too much detergent and I think it just goes to waste. As you can see, we've had a few disputes on the laundry but I love him still, he's great at doing laundry and he even folds. I had to give up control which was hard, but I love it and it works out perfect :)

8.Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Uela

9.Who pays the bills? I do most of the time, but Uela will do it sometimes.

10.Who cooks more? Uela by far. He is my personal chef and he's great at it, both of our families can testify to that. My bro-in-law holds steak nights, featuring Uela's steaks and his tacos are to die for. Wow I just realized I found someone that does laundry and cook! ;)

11.Who is more stubborn? I am. Poor Uela!

12.Who is first to admit they are wrong? Uela, I refuse to do that! :)

13.Who has more siblings? Uela

14.Who wears the pants in the relationship? Ask Uela lol

15.What do you like to do together? Have movie nights at home, take drives or EAT OUT!

16.Who eats more sweets? Me!

17.His Guilty pleaures? Lakers, Football, Sushi, Dry cleaning, Shopping for Devyn, Shoes, Basketball shoes and more SHOES!

18.How did you meet? His family moved into my ward from L.A.

19.Who asked whom out first? Uela chased after me just a few weeks after coming home from his mission. lol

20.Who kissed who first? He came 90 and I went 10!

21.Who proposed? Uela

22.His best features and qualities? Amazing father, Worthy priesthood holder, very forgiving, makes me laugh everyday, thoughtful, loving and much more! I love you Uela!

23. Tag your it - Lora

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tapusoa Women Christmas party!

When it comes to the chaos of our daily lives, you know you can always count on your family. Not just any family member, but the women in your family. We share our laughters, tears, and gossip with these women. If times are tough, we depend on them. If times are brilliant, we gloat with them. So it's absolutely imperative that we celebrate with them. Tapusoa Girl's night is the chance to ditch the "to do's", leave the man to bond with the remote control, be free of kids, house work, laundry and let our hair down. My Tapusoa family has a girls night out once a month and we all take our turn to host. So Aunty Edna and I were in charge of December. We gathered the troop at Olive Garden for dinner, despite the traffic that night, most of us made it there. We sat down and scarffed down well over 1500 calories of pasta and had our gift exchange. Too funny! We ended the night with a walk around Temple square to view the Christmas lights. I had so much fun ladies! We missed a lot of you, especially Sina and Gwen who are both now in Samoa for Miss Samoa's reign. We love you both and we are thinking of you during this holiday season. I love you all ladies, and I'm so grateful to be apart of this family. Can't wait for next month, Maumea and Tofi, better get planning!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Day trip to beautiful San Francisco

Sunday morning, my little family got up and jumped on the plane and headed to San Francisco for my nephews baby blessing. Uela's older brother just had a new addition to his cute little family a few months ago, Armani Leonidis Young Yen. He is such a good baby who can just sit with anyone and chill. San Francisco was beautiful and clear. The members of the Menlo Park English ward were so warm and friendly, very different from most members in the English wards here in Utah-sad to say! I love San Francisco and the diversity you find there. Too bad we left that same night. Next time we'll have to plan a week trip. Thank you to the Jimenez family for your love and hospitality you always show. Special thanks to Sione, Virginia and the boys! We love you all, especially Baby Armani! Congratulations and you will be seeing us again very soon.