Monday, December 8, 2008

Day trip to beautiful San Francisco

Sunday morning, my little family got up and jumped on the plane and headed to San Francisco for my nephews baby blessing. Uela's older brother just had a new addition to his cute little family a few months ago, Armani Leonidis Young Yen. He is such a good baby who can just sit with anyone and chill. San Francisco was beautiful and clear. The members of the Menlo Park English ward were so warm and friendly, very different from most members in the English wards here in Utah-sad to say! I love San Francisco and the diversity you find there. Too bad we left that same night. Next time we'll have to plan a week trip. Thank you to the Jimenez family for your love and hospitality you always show. Special thanks to Sione, Virginia and the boys! We love you all, especially Baby Armani! Congratulations and you will be seeing us again very soon.

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