Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I remember, it was the first Sunday in April 2002. I was sitting in sacrament and it was testimony meeting. My mind started to drift as the sound of people sharing their life stories slowly became faint mumbles. Then in the corner of my eye, I saw a tall, dark, handsome young man approach the pulpit and all my senses were awakened. It was Elder Young Yen. I remember thinking, He's back already? Wow that was a quick two years. I totally forgot about him. As he bore his testimony, I can hear the girls swoon. Elder Young Yen was indeed the greatest eye candy. It is true that Uela has a pleasing and dignified appearance, but I suddenly became very nervous. My hands began to sweat and this overwhelming fear came over me.

I knew Uela before his mission. His family had just moved here from Southern California. We really didn't have a relationship before. It was a hi-bye, if that at all. I know how cliche this sounds but the moment he stood in front of the congregation, (contrary to my mind) my heart knew he would be my partner in life. How could this be? I hardly even know him. I was currently in a long term relationship. This can't be right! During the rest of the Sunday meetings, I avoided him at all costs. I rushed home and even made a phone call to a friend and told her how nervous and scared I was because I think I just saw my future husband.

The whole thing seemed sooo silly. I was a bit annoyed because I didn't understand what was going on, but as much as I didn't want to acknowledge it, the feeling was undeniable. To make a long story short, I continued in denial for a bit but Uela was very persistent, which is one of a million things I love about him. After a couple of years of going back and forth and questioning what was soon to be destined--thanks to his persistence--I soon learned that there is far more to Uela than meets the eye.

Today is Uela's 30th birthday.

Uela, you are a man who looks positively at life regardless of the struggles and obstacles you endure. You have a terrific sense of humor and wit about you. You are always so calm and patient.

I love that you never complain when I pull you in a million directions, always sooo dependent on you.

It is true that I am slightly put off by your rawness like when you innocently say things to people without thinking if it will offend them but it is also your rawness that attracts me to you.

Thank you for being you and accepting me for who I am. Thank you for putting up with my crazy obsessions like how I NEED the bed made even right before we get in it.

Thank you for your unfailing support and love and for allowing me to be me. Thank you for the freedom you give me. You give me strength and happiness and my fears seem so insignificant when I am near you.

Thank you for being the amazing husband and father that Devyn adores. And for being the only one she wakes up in the middle of the night, everytime she wets the bed.

Thank you for your incredibly forgiving heart and always being the first and sometimes the only one to say, "I'm sorry!"

I know I drive you absolutely, positively nuts but there is nothing sweeter than knowing you love me. And I love you. There aren’t enough ILoveYou’s in a day, enough Yes,OfCourseYouCanHaveTheRemote’s in a day, enough WhatCanIDoForYou’s in a day to express my undying love for you. Thank you for sharing your life with me. You have been the most pleasant surprise. You’re my best friend, confidant, and soul mate. I don’t know where I’d be without you, nor would I ever dream of a life without you in it. Every year God gives you more time in your life, I know the world is better because of it. You’re nothing short of amazing, spectacular, fabulous, breathtaking, astounding, and— an undeniable great kisser! ;) I love you more than life.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm BACK!!!

Wow after being gone for so long and putting all my blogging efforts into my photo blog, I'm happy to say that after almost a year...I'm back. I miss blogging about the more personal things I go through and connecting with people on that level. So I finally decided that I would start my family blog up or my own personal blog again, so here I am. It is my hope that I keep up with it and give you all a glimpse into my life. Not that it's exciting or anything, but more than anything it helps me express what I'm feeling. So I am super duper excited to be back. So to catch you up on things, here is a list of things that are important or happenings in our family since I last posted. Hmmm....

*Devyn turned 4 last October. She loves to be read to ALLLL day! She started preschool this past year and is doing very well. Lately, Devyn has been asking us how to say certain words in Samoan. I love that she wants to speak Samoan. She continues to keep big smiles on our faces.

*Last October also marked the one year of my grandfather's death. I think of him often and miss him dearly.

*Last Fall, a big tsunami hit parts of American Samoa and Samoa. My dads village Malaela in Samoa was completely wiped out. We put together a volleyball tournament and bake sale to help raise money. It was a great success and Malaela is currently being rebuilt.

*Last Christmas was our first Christmas without Elder Purcell (my younger brother). He is serving in San Bernardino, CA. He called that day and is doing very well. It was a different feeling to hear his voice as a missionary. So strong and confident. I am a proud older sister! He hits his year mark in early June.

*Blessings bring healing to wounds left from past heartache. My older sister Lora, who previously lost her babygirl SiĆ­va is now 6 months pregnant. I will be an aunty to a baby boy the end of July. Lora is on strict bed rest and we pray for her health and strength throughout the rest of her pregnancy.

*Uela and I moved to a new ward and we are now serving in the youth program. It's not anything exciting, given that I cried my eyes out and I was a bit upset when I was extended the call, but this is where a chunk of our time goes. After leaving our previous ward and serving in the youth there, I vowed to NEVER accept a calling in the youth again. So the only thing I was excited about when we moved to the new ward was that I would be able to get released and get a little break. Boy was I wrong. I kept telling my husband, I'll work in any auxiliary BUT the youth! I love the youth but that's the only area I ever get called to. I guess this is my punishment, to deal with young girls. LOL! jk

*We got to see Jabbawockeez when they came to SLCC. Yes this is very important!! LOL. They are so much better in person and I agree with JC Chasez when he said about the Jabbawockeez, "You give sound a shape!" They are incredible.

*This past Sunday was a special one for me. After 8 years of being bishop, Dad FINALLY got released. We attended Dads ward to witness his release. I love being there. Dads ward has a spirit of togetherness that you feel everytime you visit. Sacrament meeting was amazing, the spirit was undeniably present and had the whole congregation in tears. The ward choir sang like I never heard before, the testimonies fortified my faith in God and...Dad cried like a baby (lol) as he testified of the truthfulness of the gospel, bore his testimony and delivered his last words of love to the members as their bishop. At times--over the weekend--I felt like I was attending Dads funeral. People cried and spoke of him like he was in a casket lol. I was humbled by the outpouring of love throughout this past weekend.

We are all very happy for Dad and excited to spend more time with him. Between being a counselor, high councilman and then bishop, I think it's been almost 20 years since we've been sharing Dad with the people of the ward. I don't even remember the last time Dad sat down with us in sacrament meeting. So we are very excited to have him back!

*Uela continues to be one of the greatest blessings in my life. He makes my heart smile!!

*Me on the other hand, well...I am still struggling with what I want to do with my life. I've been getting busier with photography but I want to go back to school (I think), I want to venture out and move out of state for a little bit (I think), I want to have more kids (for sure), I want to quit my job (sometimes), I want to take a long vacation and travel the world (all the time). The list goes on and on and on...I'm just a mess! LOL.

Well I'm sure I've missed a bunch of things but I'm glad to just be posting and since posts are so much better with pictures, here is Miss Devyn. She was a bumble bee for Halloween this past year.