Friday, June 22, 2012

Kindergarten is Completed!

And just like that kindergarten is over.

I still can’t believe Devyn will be a first grader. Gone is the little girl who repeatedly wrote her “j” and “e” backwards. She no longer writes her sevens and threes backwards, and the girl who used to always skip number 15, now counts to well over 100 without skipping a beat…or a number.

From now on the coloring becomes less frequent. Beginning next year, individual desks will replace classroom tables. Bags get heavier with math notebooks and required reading books. Special classroom parties become less common and Devyn will be more independent. This years wide-eyed rookies will return as veterans in August. 

Devyn had a wonderful experience with an amazing teacher who had great expectations. The day of her Kindergarten graduation was bitter sweet. If only Miss Stewart is able to move up to first grade with her. She really loved on Devyn this year. I was a proud momma that day. My Devyn thrived in her class. She is now reading and doing math well above her grade level and brought home the Academic award. Devyn has a natural bent towards learning and I loved watching her succeed. 

This past school year has also been good for me. I've learned to let go--a little. With Devyn being our only child, Kindergarten was huge for both Uela and I. I felt like I graduated with her. Perhaps they could consider handing out diplomas to parents like me who are rookies at the kindergarten experience. “This diploma is presented to you on the 31st day of May, 2012 for successfully navigating the role of Parent to a Kindergartner. You showed patience when teaching site words, humor upon hearing recess tales, enthusiasm for timing "Rocket Math" and the ability to find wall space in your house for showcasing projects your child completed.” 

Actually scratch that. A big smile from my kindergarten graduate was all I needed.
Miss Stewart was in tears :(  and she loved the crayon monogram!
Devyn & Jaice getting their certificates
Proud grandparents, minus my dad hard at work
Aunties and Uncles who had a big part in Devyns success
Proud daddy and her Aunty Ola
We're number ONE!
Horizon Kindergarten class of 2012


Thursday, June 21, 2012

This momma is back in school!

Okay so if you've been following my blog for awhile, then you know that going back to school was something that I've been planning to do. This week I finally did it!

I have been suppressing my feelings towards going back to school but when the day came for me to take my mommy hat off and strap on my back pack, I was more nervous than a prized turkey in November.

First day of school, feelings of inadequacy and inability came over me. I felt like a fish out of water. My last class had a quiz within the first hour of class and a rigid assignment was due the very next day along with another quiz. <---In true BYU fashion of course! The professor was spitting terminology like ciphers and it all seemed like a foreign language. Transitioning from seven years of Dr. Seuss books to statistics equations is as smooth as my driving skills.

Did I really make the right decision? Am I going to be able to handle this, especially when Devyn is back in school? Questions started to fill my mind. I've been over these a million times before I made the official decision to start school this summer, but it was now my way out!

I came home feeling defeated and extremely overwhelmed, but I hit the books hard and crammed my brain out that night. I finally got to bed so exhausted in every possible way--physically, mentally & emotionally. I broke out in tears, completely letting out all the emotions I was encountered with that first day of school. Then in the dark of night when I thought everyone was fast asleep, I heard my husbands sweet voice whisper words of comfort and wise council, "Remember your WHY!"

At that moment, I knew I was going to be okay, as long as I remembered WHY I had made the initial decision to go back to school--for personal growth, to better my family and be a better role model for my children in hopes that they will obtain a higher education.

So here I am with the second day of school behind me and I think I just freaked myself out on the first day. My husband will testify that I'm the biggest worrywart. I'm getting into the groove of things and there are millions of mothers who have done it. I'm just glad I FINALLY took that first step!