Friday, May 29, 2009

Elder Purcell-San Bernadino California Mission

His final week here has come and I don't think it has sunk in for any of us. I decided that I refuse to have a mug shot picture of my brother for his missionary plaque, so we had fun with his shoot and got to spend a little time together. I love you Vini!

Monday, May 25, 2009

High School Prom Glam-La'au Tanuvasa & Lauga Tupea

So it's that time of year again--where the high school kids put on their best wear, heels, hair and charm for the best night of their teen life or the culmination of their entire high school experience--you guessed it, PROM! We spend our whole lives imagining the big high school prom. What will we wear? Who will we take? Will there be some sort of breakout choreographed dance a la every high school movie ever made? And then it's over and we remember it forever. For some, it’s a fantastic and memorable affair. For others, it’s a waste of 6 hours and a few 100 dollars that we’ll never get back. But either way, everyone has some pretty vivid memories of that milestone night. So I couldn't say no when I was asked to capture some of these memories for La'au and Lauga. These two high school sweethearts are part of the wonderful youth kids in my ward. Lauga is also my brother in laws sister. It was of course entertaining, especially with the crowd they had to pose for :) Thanks you two for being such good sports--next time Hobart is not invited.

I'm in the process of creating a photo blog--so stay tuned!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sushi or Death?

Sushi is one of our favorite culinary indulgences. The different combinations of flavors, colors, textures and subtle aromas are a delight that we look forward to whenever we can. Uela is a sushi fanatic while I on the other hand--well, I really enjoy it but can LIVE without sushi for awhile. Devyn much like her dad, also eats sushi like french fries. We have experienced sushi from east to west in Utah :) and a few in Los Angeles, but one day I hope to go to Japan for more diverse approaches to sushi, perhaps even a culinary tour of Japan might be in the works at some point before I die.

The sisters gathered our husbands and headed off for a sushi experience this weekend. Of course for us it isn't complete without eel sauce, spicy mayo sauce and the boring old soy sauce--is it still even considered a sushi experience with all that dipping sauce? :) Nonetheless, it was great company and tasty food. But why is sushi so popular among westerners? Hmmm, maybe we love it because we try to be so politically correct, or we all need something new to spend our money on. Whatever the reason, I still love you sushi. My favorite resource for tasty sushi is Kyoto down on 1080 East and 1300 South. Yup, that's right--right here in the S-L-C! Uela begs to differ, he prefers Joe Sushi in L.A.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Omiphoto Spring Shoot contest

This past Friday, I attended a workshop done by my good friend Omi. I'm in the pursuit of photography and I'm just starting out. I've been blessed to have Omi help me out, she is an awesome photographer. We did a little spring shoot and we sure did get SPRING--it rained. We had beautiful models and there were about 6 of us that were being schooled by Omi. I'm a little nervous--ok A LOT nervous about putting my work out there for everyone to critique, but we all had to submit one shot for everyone to vote on. I met all these wonderful ladies--thanks for a fun night. Big thank you to Omi for her wisdom--I love you! Go by her blog and vote for your favorite I'm #3 :)