Friday, November 21, 2008

My Twilight Review!

Ok so finally the awaited day has come and gone. I watched twighlight at midnight with my sisters and it was a packed theatre full of anxious twilight fans. Finally after 20 minutes of previews and commercials, the movie started. Not twilight, but Madagascar 2! Lol. What a buzz killer! I can't believe the theatre didn't have one seat open for the most anticipated movie of the year and they didn't even remember to put in the right film. Anyway, I went into the theater with mixed feelings on what the movie would be like. I guess it was exactly what I expected. I didn't love it, but didn't hate it. Whenever someone decides to make a movie inspired by a brilliant book, it never is as great as the book. The book just totally sucks you into the amazing story line and the characters. The movie didn't develop that, no not so much! If you did not read the book before you watched the movie, you would think most of America or world for that matter is insane because of all the hype! One thing I can really say is that I loved the acting, especially with the main characters-Edward and Bella! They both have such a wonderful talent. I've got to admit when Stephanie Meyer first released who would be playing the characters on her website, I was soooo disappointed in the choice for Edward....but, I fell in love with Robert Pattinson as Edward from the moment I watched him walk into the lunch room. He played Edward as this Romeo, James Dean, Heathcliff and Brad Pitt all rolled into one. He is absolutely beautiful. Did I just say all that? Lol. Kristen Stewart was a fantastic Bella, perfect in every way. A very simple and plain looking girl, but with this undertone beauty just like the book. I love the books but the director did not even begin to capture the magic in them. Overall it was fun and entertaining.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A tribute to my Grandfather: I love you Papa!

Well it's been a month since we buried my dearest grandfather and I'm barely going through pictures from the funeral. My mind immediately flooded with precious memories of him. You know lately, there has been so many movies about superheroes that have hit the big screen and I've seen almost all since my husband is a big fan, but I can honestly say that I've had a real life superhero in my life and that is my Grandpa! I remember being young living in Laie and always being at Papa's house. He loved his grandchildren and when we got into trouble, he would always save us from any punishment our parents would dish out. His favorite thing to do was put you on his lap, force your arm way up high and tickle you almost to death. He was a man of great faith and would always teach me the importance of paying tithing, even as I grew to adulthood. He was a hardworking man as a world famous carver. He hand crafted everything, never needing a machine for precision or accuracy, from headboards, canes, caskets, old samoan weapons, canoes, but his most sought after carving was the traditional Samoan tanoa, or the ava bowl. He took care of his family financially through this marvelous talent and this is what the Purcell family was built upon. We as his grandchildren, and great grandchildren benefit from that today. I miss my grandfather dearly. It will be hard going back home to Laie, and not being able to physically see my Papa. I will miss walking into his home and seeing him sitting on his chair in the living room with a big smile and giving me the "shaka" sign. There is nothing quite like grandparents. My grandparents have loved me unconditionally despite my many mistakes. I hope I can continue the legacy he left behind. I miss you Papa, but I know that if I am deemed worthy, I will see you again! I love you!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election 2008

Well it's finally over, the Presidential Election! Personally this truly is the most important election I've taken part of. Mainly because this is the first election that has taken place since I've become a mother. It's funny how you have children, and your world and perspective of the world just changes. Both my husband and I voted on Tuesday after he got off work at about 6pm. By the time he got off work, he was very tired and did not want to go to the polls but I insisted and of course I won! :) I felt it was so important because this next President will be the one in office as we raise our babygirl Devyn and when she starts school. So, I guess you can say I did not only vote for myself, but I did it for my daughter. It's important to me that whoever dictates the country is very serious about the economy and also more funding for the education system. I had a lot of mixed feelings about this election but in the end I felt comfortable with my decision. I felt empowered voting this week and I was so grateful to my father in heaven for this beautiful and greatest nation, America. I am proud to be American and thankful that I as a woman can vote. History has been made this week, but more importantly I took part of a historic event and was a voice for myself and also for my daughter. God bless America!