Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election 2008

Well it's finally over, the Presidential Election! Personally this truly is the most important election I've taken part of. Mainly because this is the first election that has taken place since I've become a mother. It's funny how you have children, and your world and perspective of the world just changes. Both my husband and I voted on Tuesday after he got off work at about 6pm. By the time he got off work, he was very tired and did not want to go to the polls but I insisted and of course I won! :) I felt it was so important because this next President will be the one in office as we raise our babygirl Devyn and when she starts school. So, I guess you can say I did not only vote for myself, but I did it for my daughter. It's important to me that whoever dictates the country is very serious about the economy and also more funding for the education system. I had a lot of mixed feelings about this election but in the end I felt comfortable with my decision. I felt empowered voting this week and I was so grateful to my father in heaven for this beautiful and greatest nation, America. I am proud to be American and thankful that I as a woman can vote. History has been made this week, but more importantly I took part of a historic event and was a voice for myself and also for my daughter. God bless America!

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