Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rosa and Julius Ulugia's wedding!

We lit the newlyweds table. It looked real cool once we dimmed the lights

All the bride asked for was to drape the hall, so we did a tent style drape

We put a 40ft by 15ft platform to raise the headtables which consisted of the newlyweds and the whole wedding party. People only go to weddings to see the wedding party so we needed to make sure they were visible no matter where you sat

Drapes were tied with bows for a curtain look. It helped break up the ugly brown walls

Round tables were the VIP's so we did the taller vases

Wedding colors were Red, Black and White

Black table runners with red rose petals and silver bowls for the centerpieces

So my sisters and I have been doing weddings for about 8 years now, starting from Sala's wedding and we've finally talked ourselves into starting a business for weddings and events. Rosa is like a little sister to us and we did the wedding decor on Valentine's day for her special day. It was very busy since we took on all the decor and flowers but I had so much fun doing it, especially cause it was for someone who is very dear to us. We love you Rosa and Julius! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day. You were beautiful!

Just a few pictures of the decor! There will be more to come. Thank you to everyone who tirelessly stayed awake all night to help us. Special thanks to our husbands for all their hard work in helping our dream become reality. Much love and thanks to our younger brother Vini! I love you!