Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Engagement: Kaeo & Glo...up on my photo blog!

I recently did an engagement shoot with the beautiful Glorianna and Kaeo. Check out the rest of the shoot here on my photoblog!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Devyn's Heaven

Right before bedtime Devyn says to me, "Mom I'm scared to die." I was speechless for a moment, trying to play things out in my head before speaking and wanting to keep things as simple as possible. I explained, "You shouldn't be scared honey, everyone will die but we have the chance to live in heaven with Heavenly Father." That didn't put her worries at ease. She inquired about heaven. I was moved with her enthusiasm to be taught about something that appeared so complex to me. I finally realized, Devyn wanted to know the details of heaven to see for herself if it's somewhere she wants to live after death. Inquisitions poured out that took me by surprise...
  • Is there a park with a playground in heaven?
  • Is Jayda (my sisters daughter) gonna be in heaven?
  • Am I gonna have this body or a clear one?
  • So we will be awake in heaven? We won't be laying in a box?
  • Is Jesus's mom gonna be there? I never hear about her.
  • Will Satan be in heaven?
  • Will Jesus be in heaven? Does Jesus talk?
  • So, I won't ever get any owie's in heaven?
  • Will we have cars in heaven? Cause I want a BIG truck with purple and pink stripes.
After what seemed like a million questions, Devyn finally finds bliss in her newfound understanding of heaven. She turns to me and says, "Mom, I guess I'm not so scared of dying. Heaven sounds nice."

I am amazed at her insights and questions about heaven. And I must agree--parks, playgrounds, colorful trucks, cousins, a heavenly mother--her heaven sounds nice and oh so sweet! Lord, make my heart like my child’s--pure and simple.

A big piece of Devyn's heaven, her cousin Jayda