Thursday, August 18, 2011

What every woman needs!

Woke up this morning not feeling so well and got online to find the most pleasant thread of emails. It made my day! :)

Everyone needs a break, but lets face it, women need it more. For the past few years, a few of my girlfriends leave the guys and kids behind for a little R&R. In February, we met in Vegas and emails are now circulating on location and dates for next year. I gotta say, I'm so stoked! And maybe because my life has been crazy busy lately but our retreats are always so spiritually uplifting, inspiring and full of laughter and love. Lets not forget all the shopping and consumption of food that goes on.

As women, when it comes to doing something for ourselves-we always feel guilty. I'm always feeling selfish or narcissistic before leaving on this annual getaway but I've come to realize that the exact opposite happens. By doing something for myself, I become a better mother, employee and spouse. I believe that it's absolutely essential to do a little something for yourself every once in awhile, or you become bitter and resentful.

I am looking forward for the uninterrupted grown-up conversations, the chance to feel 16 again and stay up late in pj's and black masks, sleeping in, to laugh, cry and talk about life til our heart's content, to being around girlfriends who help me get and stay clear about who I am as a person...and if we get around to it-to practice on my photography! :)

Sage Fried Chicken Benedict at Hash House is to DIE for!!!

All those cameras, and this is the best group shot we got in Vegas. In the elevator on the way to Hash House! lol
See you ladies soon!

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  1. Hi leti! This was a great one! Had to file it in the archives so I can go back to it when I need to lol... Beautiful writing :)