Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Satisfy My Heart

Over six years ago, I was the luckiest girl in the world because that was the day I was able to call you mine. All mine. And when I think back to that day, I realize I married an incredible man.

I knew he was the one when he would send a card with beautiful handwritten love notes. I knew he was the one when he would let me talk for hours over the phone. I knew he was the one the moment he made me laugh, like a crinkled-nose-and-squinted-eyes kind of laugh. I knew he was the one when I learned he does laundry. I knew he was the one when I began to dress up and smile more. I knew he was the one when one fateful night, I finally realized he satisfies my heart and made room for only him.

I knew when I met Uela, that was it. It being my ability to function without him. My heart is at peace knowing I'm walking through life with a partner who knows and accepts everything. Wholeheartedly. Not too long ago we celebrated six years of love. We promised to accept and love each other. Forever. And right then I knew life was nothing short of perfection.

Six years later, still, completely satisfy my heart and soul. Thank you for loving me in ways I can't possibly understand.

I seriously need updated pictures. Hopefully this holiday season!


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