Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas 2008

I'm finally back and fully recovered from the holiday season! Christmas was amazing and even though I think I overspent, (which is every Christmas season) I had fun doing it, but I'm glad it's over! Uela splurged on me this Christmas. I think he overdid it but I'm still grateful. Uela has always been one to over-deliver when it comes to gift giving with me. I swear I just mentioned it once that I needed a new pair of running shoes, and of course he had to get me 3 pairs. Who needs 3 pairs, especially when I don't really use them for what they are designed for?! Lol. I think it just comes with the over obsession he has with shoes. Then on top of that he had to get a running suit that matched with each shoe he bought. Ok, is this the biggest hint or what! Oh well, I'm not complaining but it just makes me laugh. Thanks babe for all the wonderful gifts! :)

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